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In meetings things happen!

If you want to make a difference, it is when there is passion and engagement in meetings with other people that the magic happens. When these two key elements are present, you will get a chance to have fun, develop and move mountains!

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Health, Habits, Motivation, Happiness and Work-Life Balance

With the aim of slowing down in order to reecharge over summer vacation, our company hosted an internal ReeTalk at the beginning of this summer titled Health, Habits, Motivation, Happiness, and Work-Life Balance. Our speaker for this purpose was Christian Malström, an Optimize Coach and Founder of IronCoach. Privately Christian is an IT guy and a father of three kids. 

We spent the hour with him talking about what research shows when it comes to these topics, how to motivate oneself to get up again after a failure occurs, and what it means to create good habits and how to stick to them.

Topics: work-life balance- mental health

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An AI Solution for VEIDEC

Visitation restrictions make it hard for both buying and selling parties in cases where products need to be demonstrated to showcase its potential within the buyer's activities. Reeinvent's team has collaborated with VEIDEC to create a Vinnova-funded innovative AI solution for establishing a new and sustainable way of working.

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ReeTalk - Teaching Digital Product Teams not to Follow the Rules

A couple of weeks back, we had the pleasure to have Ado Hodzic as a guest speaker at our monthly ReeTalk. The talk was centered around Ado's extensive experience on when not to follow the rules. As products are becoming sterile, it’s important to shake them up and stir in a different direction!

Topics: ux- dontfollowtherules

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Uniting Engineering and Finance - Amela's story

We've interviewed our financial administrator, Amela, for her experience and insight on what it's like to help manage a software business.

Topics: finance- interview- administration

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KubeInvaders - gamified chaos engineering

Chaos Engineering is an approach for learning about how your system behaves by applying a discipline of empirical exploration. Just as scientists conduct experiments to study physical and social phenomena, Chaos Engineering uses experiments to learn about a particular system.

Topics: chaos engineering

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ReeTalk - AWS Amplify

On our last ReeTalk, we had the pleasure to learn about AWS Amplify. We all love the cloud, the innovation happening at AWS, and use their services on a daily basis. So, we were excited about learning more about this, what many call, a “hot topic”. To make things more interesting, this informative talk came straight from the AWS source itself - Darko Mesaros. Darko works for AWS as a senior developer advocate. Indeed, Darko was the ideal authority to demonstrate the benefits of using AWS Amplify. 

Topics: aws- awsamplify- cloud

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Freelancing at Reeinvent

First, we would like to say a warm welcome to our latest member, Daniel Olofsson. Other than being a positive contribution to our team, Daniel is a skilled developer and a software architect. Reeinvent also wants to welcome Daniel as the first freelancer in the team. Exciting!

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JustSchedule - a project with Helsingborg

In the spring of 2020, Reeinvent took the initiative to work together with the Nursing and Caring Department at Helsingborg municipality to develop a model for AI-driven scheduling that evolved into the JustSchedule product concept. JustSchedule can automatically generate complex schedules faster and more efficient, but more importantly, generate schedules that are non-biased allowing full transparency leading to healthy schedules.

Topics: ai- schedule

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Sesam Self Storage goes digital

Sesam Self Storage is a digital challenger in a conservative industry. It all started when entrepreneur Rickard Pålsson needed storage space, and found the process of renting it cumbersome, bureaucratic – and very analogue. So what better way to make things easier than through digital solutions? Rickard teamed up with logistics specialist Lars Adgård and Midroc Properties and as their digitalisation partner, Sesam chose Reeinvent. 

Topics: self storage- sesam

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