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Freelancing at Reeinvent

First, we would like to say a warm welcome to our latest member, Daniel Olofsson. Other than being a positive contribution to our team, Daniel is a skilled developer and a software architect. Reeinvent also wants to welcome Daniel as the first freelancer in the team. Exciting!

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JustSchedule - a project with Helsingborg

In the spring of 2020, Reeinvent took the initiative to work together with the Nursing and Caring Department at Helsingborg municipality to develop a model for AI-driven scheduling that evolved into the JustSchedule product concept. JustSchedule can automatically generate complex schedules faster and more efficient, but more importantly, generate schedules that are non-biased allowing full transparency leading to healthy schedules.

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Sesam Self Storage goes digital

Sesam Self Storage is a digital challenger in a conservative industry. It all started when entrepreneur Rickard Pålsson needed storage space, and found the process of renting it cumbersome, bureaucratic – and very analogue. So what better way to make things easier than through digital solutions? Rickard teamed up with logistics specialist Lars Adgård and Midroc Properties and as their digitalisation partner, Sesam chose Reeinvent. 

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Shedding light on chess with the help of computers

The year is 1997, a chess battle takes place between reigning world chess champion, Garry Kasparov, against IBM’s supercomputer Deep Blue. It was the first defeat of a world chess champion by a computer under tournament conditions suggesting an era of computer superiority for combinatorial problems such as chess. This event has been well documented and the subject of the documentary film “The Man vs. The Machine”.

Topics: alphazero- chess- ai- machine learning- stockfish

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ReeTalk - Using anxiety in growth hacking

Last week we had the pleasure to have Kathryn Redgård as a guest speaker at our monthly ReeTalk. Kathryn works as a professional trouble maker at E.O.N supporting them with numerous growth hacks. Below you can read about her thoughts about using anxiety as a growth hack. Be sure to follow her on LinkedIn! We thank you Kate for taking the time to meet and sharing with us your valuable insights and learnings.

Topics: growthhacking- fomo

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AI-driven scheduling receives Vinnova grants

As one of only 13 projects, Reeinvent AB together with Helsingborgs stads Department for Caring and Nursing received a Vinnova grant of EUR 23 000 to develop AI-driven scheduling for care staff. A total of 165 projects applied for grants from Vinnova's call "Innovations in the wake of the crisis". During the corona crisis, the demands on the planning of the care staff's work have been higher than normal.

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ReeTalk - Spice it up with GraphQL

We are excited to announce the successful start of our ReeTalk series! So what is ReeTalk? ReeTalk is an educational and social event organized by Reeinvent to expand our horizons with new technologies. It also offers the opportunity to come together for a slice of pizza or a drink or both, but most likely multiples of each. Get the wordplay here with ReeTalk? ReeInvent, ReeTalk… just pure genius wordplay!

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Henrik Sällman appointed new CEO of Reeinvent AB

We are very happy to announce, starting May 1st, 2020, Henrik Sällman is the new CEO of digital transformation experts Reeinvent AB. Henrik Sällman replaces Reeinvent’s founder Hamdija Jusufagic, who will remain in the company as chairman of the board. Hamdija Jusufagic will also continue to build a prosperous ecosystem of companies as Group CEO of System Verification AB.

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Deliver by Value - Why this changes everything

It is no secret that two-thirds of all software projects are doomed to failure due to overrun budget and schedule. It can be a challenging and intimidating task to find the right software business agency that can follow up on the project. At Reeinvent, we address this problem by focusing on client value as part of our way of working. It is important that everything we build adds value to our clients

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AWS re:Invent 2019 - Conference in Las Vegas

"What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas".  As we found out, this is not always true. There was much for us to take back with us from the AWS re:Invent conference in Las Vegas. Take 65,000 participants, over 3000 sessions across different venues in only a couple of days and several various events, without anybody going hungry – these are just some of the things that portray the sheer scale of this conference.

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