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ReeTalk - Teaching Digital Product Teams not to Follow the Rules

A couple of weeks back, we had the pleasure to have Ado Hodzic as a guest speaker at our monthly ReeTalk. The talk was centered around Ado's extensive experience on when not to follow the rules. As products are becoming sterile, it’s important to shake them up and stir in a different direction!

Topics: ux- dontfollowtherules

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KubeInvaders - gamified chaos engineering

Chaos Engineering is an approach for learning about how your system behaves by applying a discipline of empirical exploration. Just as scientists conduct experiments to study physical and social phenomena, Chaos Engineering uses experiments to learn about a particular system.

Topics: chaos engineering

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ReeTalk - Using anxiety in growth hacking

Last week we had the pleasure to have Kathryn Redgård as a guest speaker at our monthly ReeTalk. Kathryn works as a professional trouble maker at E.O.N supporting them with numerous growth hacks. Below you can read about her thoughts about using anxiety as a growth hack. Be sure to follow her on LinkedIn! We thank you Kate for taking the time to meet and sharing with us your valuable insights and learnings.

Topics: growthhacking- fomo

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AI-driven scheduling receives Vinnova grants

As one of only 13 projects, Reeinvent AB together with Helsingborgs stads Department for Caring and Nursing received a Vinnova grant of EUR 23 000 to develop AI-driven scheduling for care staff. A total of 165 projects applied for grants from Vinnova's call "Innovations in the wake of the crisis". During the corona crisis, the demands on the planning of the care staff's work have been higher than normal.

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Henrik Sällman appointed new CEO of Reeinvent AB

We are very happy to announce, starting May 1st, 2020, Henrik Sällman is the new CEO of digital transformation experts Reeinvent AB. Henrik Sällman replaces Reeinvent’s founder Hamdija Jusufagic, who will remain in the company as chairman of the board. Hamdija Jusufagic will also continue to build a prosperous ecosystem of companies as Group CEO of System Verification AB.

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AWS re:Invent 2019 - Conference in Las Vegas

"What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas".  As we found out, this is not always true. There was much for us to take back with us from the AWS re:Invent conference in Las Vegas. Take 65,000 participants, over 3000 sessions across different venues in only a couple of days and several various events, without anybody going hungry – these are just some of the things that portray the sheer scale of this conference.

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Crown Princess Couple visits Reeinvent

On the 6th of November, we had the honor to welcome the Swedish Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel to Reeinvent’s and System Verification's newly expanded office in Sarajevo. The delegation met the founder, Hamdija Jusufagic who told them his story. Hamdija, being a Swedish entrepreneur of immigrant parents from Bosnia and Herzegovina introduced them to the young, talented professionals.

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Visit us at JobFair ’19 in Sarajevo

On November 4 and 5, Sarajevo’s biggest career fair JobFair ’19 is inviting hundreds of hungry engineers to explore the labor market within IT and engineering and to search for the employer of their dreams. Reeinvent and their partner company System Verification. 

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How to create a smooth onboarding process

Working with distributed teams is a much smoother activity than you might think – if you take care of the preparations. This is how we do it, and how our Swedish customers benefit from the development and quality assurance competence in Bosnia-Herzegovina.

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The new office space in Sarajevo is opened!

We share some of the key moments from the Opening Ceremony in a photo gallery. The office space is big and completely renewed. In 2013 System Verification established their office in Sarajevo and in 2019, Reeinvent moved in. Have a look!

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