AI-Driven Scheduling Receives Vinnova Grants

Mathias Persson - Sep 22, 2020 8:43:26 AM

As one of only 13 projects, Reeinvent AB together with Helsingborgs stads Department for Caring and Nursing received a Vinnova grant of EUR 23 000 to develop AI-driven scheduling for care staff. A total of 165 projects applied for grants from Vinnova's call "Innovations in the wake of the crisis". During the corona crisis, the demands on the planning of the care staff's work have been higher than normal.

It has been shown that the current scheduling system based on old technology has problems that can have serious consequences for care recipients.

To address this problem, we have in the project "Development of AI-driven scheduling for healthcare staff" developed a plan for how such a system can achieve this faster, more efficient but also in a more fair way. The goal is to develop an AI model for scheduling that after training can create at least as good schedules as the current manual method but much faster and more flexible. Such a model can also easily take into account changes in the business's needs such as infection risks for high risk staff.


Collaboration with Murteglets nursing home

During the autumn of 2020, developers from Reeinvent AB, two service designers at the Nursing and Caring Department will, together with the unit manager and administrator at Murteglet's nursing home, gather knowledge and experience about which aspects and requirements are important to take into account when creating a schedule. This analysis study will form the basis for the development of the AI model on which the system will be trained for scheduling against real outcomes. 

“Once a system like this is developed based on models, attributes, relationships and rules it can easily support new information when creating schedules. Creating a system like this will be an enormous challenge when translating current human knowledge into decision rules and how they should affect the result but we are extremely excited for this opportunity.” 

- Andreas Röhl, Developer at Reeinvent AB


The goal is for the system to be able to make the schedules that the business relies on, completely automatically, instead of being dependent on manual handling by the end of 2020.

“For us as a public actor is it crucial to not be just receivers of solutions, we must have the courage to take an active part in the development of tomorrow's systems. This gives shorter development cycles, enables us to identify the most pressing needs faster and ensures that new solutions not only fit our current systems but are safe to use and are measured on the human experience. We are very happy to partner up with Reeinvent AB in this effort.” 

- Johan Müllern-Aspegren, Innovation Lead at Helsingborgs stads Department for Caring and Nursing


Vinnova is Sweden's innovation authority. Their mission is to strengthen Sweden's ability to innovate and contribute to sustainable growth.

The initiative "Innovations in the wake of the crisis" is aimed at actors and areas where new solutions can be applied in the foreseeable future, and where their use can lead to a rapid transformation of society, operations and production. Solutions must make a difference within 6–12 months. The focus is on both societal benefits and economic recovery.

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