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An AI Solution for VEIDEC

Visitation restrictions make it hard for both buying and selling parties in cases where products need to be demonstrated to showcase its potential within the buyer's activities. Reeinvent's team has collaborated with VEIDEC to create a Vinnova-funded innovative AI solution for establishing a new and sustainable way of working.

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Sesam Self Storage goes digital

Sesam Self Storage is a digital challenger in a conservative industry. It all started when entrepreneur Rickard Pålsson needed storage space, and found the process of renting it cumbersome, bureaucratic – and very analogue. So what better way to make things easier than through digital solutions? Rickard teamed up with logistics specialist Lars Adgård and Midroc Properties and as their digitalisation partner, Sesam chose Reeinvent. 

Topics: self storage- sesam

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Highlights from re:MARS - Global AI & ML Conference

To keep updated on the latest technology and society trends, we have visited many recognized conferences in recent years. In May, we wanted something that really challenged our thinking. We chose the newly established Amazon re:MARS, a giant that knows how to rule things with focus on AI & ML.

Read More Jul 3, 2019 8:19:00 AM