Humans Aren’t Built for Continuous Sprinting!

Henrik Sällman - Oct 28, 2021 11:27:00 AM

Humans are fantastic in adopting to new circumstances and react positive on the feedback we get. Life is sometimes like a never-ending sprint that has never moved faster. But attempting to stop something that is unstoppable will only lead to failure.

Instead we need to find a way to occasionally slow down the unstoppable. We need to find time for fresh air, hang around with friends, exercising, just doing nothing at all…
If I look at it from a sports perspective which is an important part of my life, I haven’t met any sportman that is only practice sprinting. Not even a sprinter. Being consistent in your training every day will over time give you a sustainable training effect. Being consistent will lead you to move faster also as a sprinter and decrees risk for injuries.
My work, my life, my sport career and all my (most of them 😊) choices in life have been based on being consistent and sustainable. Could be seen as boring, but I have during the years practiced a lot and now I can have a pace that is quite high and with good friends around me we can accelerate and brake together!
I am sure that my way of thinking has led me to my 7th Ironman in Portugal. On the start line it is one swim stroke at the time, one pedal stroke at the time, and one run step at the time that will bring me to the finish line.



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