Doing the Right Things

Henrik Sällman - Oct 14, 2021 10:17:00 AM

“Doing the right things” and “Doing things right” – what’s the difference? 

Usually the two go hand in hand so it is when doing the right thing, the right way, you will leave a much greater impact. In my opinion, this can be applied to everything in life.

“Doing the right things” is what you believe in and gives you a bigger purpose. A purpose that only you can give yourself – could be giving back to the community, working on mental health, sharing opportunities, being a great partner….

“Doing things right” is about execution and will lead you to the Right thing. Execution is focused on short time values and deliveries, and we must afford and dare to take risks to succeed in reaching the Right thing. 

One of my beliefs is that the software industry has a long way to go when it comes to building software solutions that are built for people. Solutions that are easy to use, maintainable, reliable, fun to work with... Inviting Adam Tornhill from CodeScene to Sarajevo felt like the right thing to do to share his vision about how CodeScene can help you in the best possible way to “Do things right”. 

Adam was impressed by the welcome he received in Sarajevo, as well as the inspiring speeches and discussions that took place. I myself have learned some new things that I will try out to see if they help me to my right things. Thanks Adam for joining Reeinvent and System Verification in Sarajevo and sharing your insights, looking forward to your next visit! 

Topics: #way-of-working

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