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ReeTalk - AWS Amplify

On our last ReeTalk, we had the pleasure to learn about AWS Amplify. We all love the cloud, the innovation happening at AWS, and use their services on a daily basis. So, we were excited about learning more about this, what many call, a “hot topic”. To make things more interesting, this informative talk came straight from the AWS source itself - Darko Mesaros. Darko works for AWS as a senior developer advocate. Indeed, Darko was the ideal authority to demonstrate the benefits of using AWS Amplify. 

Topics: aws- awsamplify- cloud

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Shedding light on chess with the help of computers

The year is 1997, a chess battle takes place between reigning world chess champion, Garry Kasparov, against IBM’s supercomputer Deep Blue. It was the first defeat of a world chess champion by a computer under tournament conditions suggesting an era of computer superiority for combinatorial problems such as chess. This event has been well documented and the subject of the documentary film “The Man vs. The Machine”.

Topics: alphazero- chess- ai- machine learning- stockfish

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ReeTalk - Spice it up with GraphQL

We are excited to announce the successful start of our ReeTalk series! So what is ReeTalk? ReeTalk is an educational and social event organized by Reeinvent to expand our horizons with new technologies. It also offers the opportunity to come together for a slice of pizza or a drink or both, but most likely multiples of each. Get the wordplay here with ReeTalk? ReeInvent, ReeTalk… just pure genius wordplay!

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