Ena's Career Journey: A Story of Growth

Maja Đukanović - Feb 7, 2024 9:51:17 AM

Effective as of the beginning of 2024, Ena Preljević has been appointed as the CEO of Reeinvent Bosnia & Herzegovina. She has held various roles while growing with the company, starting as a Culture and Communication Officer and being promoted to the Site Lead. Having been exposed to various phases of Reeinvent, she gained extensive experience and grew alongside the company. We asked Ena a few questions about herself, her journey, plans and visions for the future, and whether there is something she would like to say to encourage others to take similar steps.

Can you share a little bit about yourself and your personal journey that brought you to this point in your career?

“I started working when I was 14. In those 20+ years, I have decorated cakes, waited tables, worked at a library, opened offices, closed offices, and so on. The last 10 years before joining Reeinvent, I spent working in international organizations. Some of these jobs I really disliked, but I always reminded myself of something my parents passed on to me in those early years - No experience is a bad experience if you can learn something from it.”

She didn’t have previous experience in the IT industry and operating as the CCO helped her understand who Reeinvent is, what it takes to gain the trust of the team, as well as how to position the company on the market. Being promoted to the Site Lead position, Ena has taken even more responsibility and started to dive into the more strategic aspects of the business.

How would you describe your approach to leadership, and are there any leaders who have influenced your style?

“I have been lucky enough to work with people from across the globe throughout my career, and of course some I enjoyed working with more than others. What that taught me is that there is no universal approach to leadership that is guaranteed to be a success. I believe in empowering people, so that they step outside of their comfort zone, giving them freedom, and being there to support when needed. So I guess in short, my approach is to be adaptable, curious, listen actively, as well as to act with transparency and respect.” 

What attracted you to this company and motivated you to take on the role of CEO?

“Well, what scared me at first is what really attracted me. As someone coming from a corporate world with clearly set boundaries, hierarchies, etc - this level of transparency, flexibility, and ease made me nervous. The sky is the limit, literally! I believe that is why my career path at Reeinvent became clear early on and also why I grew into this role in a fairly short amount of time.” 

What is your vision for the company under your leadership?

“I feel lucky that my personal vision and beliefs are aligned with those of the company I represent, and my vision is that we continue creating a space for all team members to develop themselves as people as well as engineers so that we can continue delivering seamless software solutions to our clients for the ultimate experience of the end users. We want to leave a long lasting impact on our partners by providing high quality services, and at the same time, set an example of how to do things right and maintain a high level of integrity, as well as actively participate in the community where we do business.”

In the era of rapid progress, staying ahead of developments is a constant challenge. The goal is to remain relevant by embracing changes and cultivating adaptability. Fundamental pillars for sustaining this momentum include a commitment to continuous improvement, effective communication, and transparency. Keeping these goals in mind will ensure the intended development and growth.

“It is in line with our company’s way of working to be able to adapt fairly quickly to what is happening around us. We have a strong foundation, a flat structure that allows us to communicate efficiently and take responsibility for each individual’s part to see things through. We are transparent, and we listen to our team’s feedback to be able to provide opportunities for continuous growth. I think that’s what sets us apart. We are constantly introducing minor improvements to our way of working, based on our team’s feedback, to make us all relevant in the future. I believe that continuing in this path will push us forward, as individuals, and as a team”.

Lastly, we asked Ena whether there was something she would like to share with the women out there: “So much, but I am not some wonder woman. What I can say is what worked for me. Stay true to yourself, speak up for what you believe in, and always take the opportunities offered to you. They weren’t offered without reason.''

Last year, Reeinvent celebrated its fifth anniversary, acknowledging all the achievements, tackled challenges, and constant growth. The company has accomplished so much, and with the number of people growing, we believe that even better opportunities stand in front of us, and we are looking forward to them.

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