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Miljenko Baković - Oct 25, 2023 10:52:37 AM

Have you ever wondered how the world of connected cars operates beneath the surface? How does your car transmit data over thousands of miles, which is then automatically analyzed to, for example,  predict upcoming failures or calculate the smartest route for your navigation system, considering various dynamic and real-time parameters? Well, I certainly have. 😊

Allow me to introduce myself. I am Miljenko Baković, the recently appointed CEO of Reeinvent Croatia. I earned my degree in Computer Science from FESB in Split, Croatia, in 2012, with my master's thesis focusing on cybersecurity in large wireless sensor networks.

Though my primary interest during my university years was cybersecurity, my master's thesis introduced me to the fascinating world of wireless communications. This exploration led me to my initial professional role as a Software Engineer at Ericsson Nikola Tesla. This Croatian company, a subsidiary of Ericsson AB, primarily tasked me with working on the synchronization systems of radio base stations. Over the years, I progressed from a software engineer to a system engineer and eventually assumed team lead responsibilities.

In 2017, I embarked on a new journey by establishing my own software development and consultancy company. It was during this time that I crossed paths with Mate Rimac, the founder and owner of Rimac Automobili. One thing led to another, and Mate appointed me as the site manager of a brand-new R&D office in Split. I had the unique opportunity to build this office from the ground up, with all the challenges that I came across on this journey.

Rimac Split primarily focuses on off-vehicle digital and connectivity products, while also dealing with some in-vehicle products. Over the years, we've developed extensive expertise in diagnostic and connectivity software, pioneering new approaches within the industry. By blending agile development best practices with existing automotive industry processes, we achieved the ability to construct complex and robust software quickly and efficiently.

Our pioneering spirit extended not only to how we worked but also to what we aimed to accomplish. Our core objective was always to have vehicle data accessible in our systems in near real-time from anywhere on the planet. Why, you ask? Simply because we knew this was the only way to accelerate vehicle development and significantly enhance troubleshooting and issue resolution efficiency. And when you're striving to create the world's fastest homologated car, every bit of assistance counts. 😊

In late 2017 and early 2018, as we commenced development of the Rimac Nevera, there were no readily available solutions on the market to aid us in this endeavor. So, as we had done with numerous other components in the Nevera, we made the bold decision to create a complete digital and connectivity solutions ecosystem from scratch. This ranged from calibration and diagnostic software to a sophisticated and resilient telemetry system, and even over-the-air vehicle software updates.

Over time, our approach and products caught the attention of others in the industry. Soon, we recognized the opportunity to expand our reach by offering our products to external customers. However, we chose a distinctive path, different from the industry norm, opting for the Software as a Service (SaaS) model. This decision aimed to streamline development efforts and lower costs for our end users. It's worth noting that SaaS and the automotive sector rarely intersect, making this choice both challenging and groundbreaking.

After spending six rewarding years at Rimac, I decided to join Reeinvent and lead the establishment of Reeinvent's third office, this time in Split, Croatia. Reeinvent is part of a larger ecosystem, encompassing approximately 500 employees in total, with existing offices in Malmö, Sweden, and Sarajevo, Bosnia. This move provides me with the opportunity to fully leverage my accumulated knowledge and offer our services not only to the automotive industry where I used worked for the last few years but also to the IoT sector by utilizing a large pool of existing talents and expertise which already exist within this ecosystem.

Reeinvent Croatia primarily specializes in software development and expert services within the connectivity sphere. Our mission is to help companies unlock the full potential of connected devices, with the ultimate goal of creating a connected world that not only enhances our quality of life but also provides a healthier foundation for our children and grandchildren to continue building upon.

Interested in learning more about our plans or having a discussion on this topic? Please feel free to reach out to us; we'd be delighted to engage with you.

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