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Our goal is to ensure your success on AWS. 

Reeinvent and it's ecosystem has a team of engineers, architects, and developers that has achieved Amazon’s highest level of certification -- which means that when you engage with us, you’ll be working with the team with the highest level of demonstrated expertise and skill using the Amazon Cloud.

  • Infrastructure, application deployment and migration to AWS from anywhere, including your internal data center or another public cloud provider
  • Application development to build and deploy resilient cloud applications at scale
  • Big data and AI services that enable your cloud applications to take next steps in disrupting your business segment

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Ework Group

“Our digital platform must be adapted to the new gig economy landscape. It must enable a quick process, from customer feedback to implementation of improvements and release. Customer feedback management and an efficient quality pipeline are critical. Reeinvent has the right knowledge, partners and attitude to support this work. Together, we become better and stronger” says Jesper Vraa Hendriksen, CDO at Ework Group.

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CodeScene identifies patterns in the evolution of your code. This gives you the power to predict its future and to find the code that is hard to evolve and prone to defects. The investigation takes only minutes but saves you from future limitations, bottlenecks or maintenance issues. And of course, big costs. We call it software forensics and it is a way to better code quality.

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More value in practice with ALMASOFT

Todays dental industry as all other industries get more and more dependent on digitalisation. With experiences from many different industries Reeinvent can bring new insights and technologies to dental business.  

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We believe in true passion in software development. With right mind set, team and experiences you can manage almost everything. We have experienced colleagues that have worked in many different roles;

  • Solution architects
  • Web and mobile developers
  • UX designers
  • DevOps engineers
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Word Art



We believe in true passion in software development. With right passion the techonologes isn't critical for us. We use the best technology for the situations.

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Continuous learning

People need to learn new knowledge or skills in order to see things in a new light and take that next leap. At Reeinvent, constant learning is written in our DNA, and by doing that we stay innovative towards our client and keep our employees challenged and motivated.

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