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Many of our customers find it difficult to maintain the right expertise with all the challenges that result from initiatives that are underway to digitize the business. They feel that they are understaffed and that the costs of recruiting and retaining competent employees are high. The projects require more resources and time is scarce. 

If you recognize this description and are looking for a flexible, affordable and sustainable solution, Reeinvent can help. 


An extended team is an add-on to an existing team organization controlled by the customer, but where the team members are delivered by Reeinvent. Team members may be situated On Site, Off Site or even Nearshore – many times it is a combination of all three options. It all depends on the maturity of the customer project and the current situation. The extended team complements an existing team or project organization, and you as a customer have full control of the process. 

An extended team can be a long-term solution where you incorporate the team members as a part of the organization where they partake in several projects or work packages, or as a separate team in a specific project with a planned deadline. 


There are a number of competitive benefits with an extended team model: 

Hassle free on- and off-boarding – you don’t have to put any effort into recruiting. It is our responsibility to have the right expertise at hand. 
Flexibility – our extended team can be set up within a very short period, and we can easily add new members on demand. 
Price – you have the option of Nearshore delivery, where all, or some of the engaged team members are located in our Sarajevo office. 
Transparent price model – You are typically charged a monthly fee covering all costs and expenses. It’s easy to keep track of your project costs.
Competence – We make sure that you always get the right competence for the job. 
You have the ability to lead and control the team members.

Outsourcing team

Are you facing challenges where you have projects or major work packages planned for, but lack the skills and/or resources to ensure the quality and meeting the requirements? Maybe IT is not a part of your core business or you simply chose to work with reliable partners as a part of your IT-strategy?  

Then outsourcing team service by Reeinvent might be the right solution for you.  

We are part of an ecosystem of companies in multiple locations in order to deliver high performance teams for each specific customer. Our customer’s business goals and needs serve as our guidance to shape the perfect team. Each company in the ecosystem operates at the forefront of their competence field. As a customer, you get the best players on the market, tailored teams, cost-efficiency and high flexibility.


Reeinvent offer highly skilled Teams where we take full responsibility for delivering the result that we have agreed upon. We always ensure that we meet your high standards, quality goals and requirements. A dedicated team allows your company to focus on its core business and be 100% sure that your IT projects are completed with all specific knowledge required during various phases of the project. The project is managed and developed by our experts in the best way to ensure its support of your business goals. 


There are a number of competitive benefits with having an outsourcing delivery team model: 

Knowledge and competence – we are experts within software development and QA, and we take full responsibility for managing the teams and the results. 
Ecosystem – together with our co-owned partners we deliver high performance teams to develop your IT business to meet current modern requirements.
Price – we always staff our teams to deliver top quality services at the right price. With our offices in Bosnia and Sweden, we find the right combination to offer you the best solution. 
Control – you pay per month and all is included. No surprises. 

It's a pleasure to work with the team from Reeinvent. They are always well prepared for presentations and demos and this saves us lots of valuable time.

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