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We have a deep knowledge in digital transformation opportunities in different business sectors. Together we create high-performance teams that match your needs. Your digital platform will be built on fact-based insights, automation and agility.



We make you relevant in the future!



We create digital solutions for ambitious people



Software as a passion!

Our first project

Mirza was hired and our first client was Solentro. Project and team was hired via System Verification. Starting with one employee.

Formalised Reeinvent

In May 2018 we established Reeinvent AB in Sweden and in June our Bosnia company was born.

Growth year

During 2019 we hired people both in Sweden and Bosnia. Some new project started but we also hired for projects that we know should come early 2020. We were also part of our first framework agreement together with System Verification spanning over three years.

Stabilizing business

We proved our idea of iterative way of using design thinking and working closely with customers with rapid mockups in the early stages proved to be successful. We closed our 2nd biggest deal while at the same time continuing to grow.

Customer satisfaction index


Employee satisfaction index


Meet our team!

Team is THE key word for us, we do it together!


Henrik Sällman

Being the oldest in the company he's still the only one that can be called an IRONMAN. Beat that youngsters!


Kenan Ekinović

He's actually much older than he looks. We all love his big beard (you need to meet him to experience it!).


Peter Anderberg

A psychologist once contacted Peter to study hardcore players. Unfortunately, Peter didn't have the time to attend. He had to play! Is considered to be our best "coffee-slurper".


Amer Keco

Passionate software developer, oriented to great UI products. Obsessed with books and learning new technologies.


Laila Šehović

Our jack of many trades, she's an engineer, artist, designer, and creative at heart. Just don't ask her to draw your dog.


Tobias Bahrmark

Tech-loving guy who is also a huge sport enthusiast. But he's better at watching than playing.


Dino Mehmedović

Be careful giving Dino a problem to solve... he will solve them quicker than you'd expect! He probably gets help from his pet cats!


Ermin Omeragić

This bookworm has built some amazing things... Android apps, a TV app, and even a startup!


Zehra Almaamari

As our newest software engineer, Zehra is always ready to take on a challenge!


Mathias Persson

Wannabee ultra runner who plays more games than my kids. The Hoffmeister and Chuck Norris are big idols of his, seriously.


Melika Kurtanović

Our guiding star when we're lost. She has promised to run a marathon next year (YEAH RIGHT!).


Ena Hajdar

Outgoing people person who enjoys constantly learning new things. Loves going on nature walks, reading books, and being around family and friends.


Andreas Röhl

If you're looking for someone in a MMORPG to help you grind that shiny armour of yours for weeks or months, Andreas is your man!


Amela Kovačević

Always to your service with a smile. Loves to travel and has many years of work experiences from different countries.


Emil Nolin

He's a frontend developer who's pretending to be an artist who's pretending to be a bodybuilder.


Admir Grahić

If you see Admir concentrating intensely, he's probably either watching anime or hacking Linux.


Amer Kodžaga

Want some competition out on the field? Amer's the guy! He can beat you in volleyball, skiing, and running!


Fahrizada Zekotić

She ain't afraid to code, using Java, Vue, or Node, but "Dada" is her nickname, and coding is her board game!


Mirza Metiljević

Mirza is our godfather. Being the first employee, we obey him in whatever he says (he's a really nice guy too!).


Bo Do

Coolest name on Earth! CrossFit is his thing, but too afraid to wear a watch and get data driven (we all wonder how good he really is).


Mirza Selimović

Combining music with programming is his top one fun thing to do. Besides that, he is a summer-loving person interested in sports, technology, and cooking.


Emir Prljača

A developer with passion for finance, BI, and recruitment. I wonder how long we can keep him as a software developer. 🙂


Selvedin Dokara

Dedicated software engineer and Dota 2 player. His computer keyboards do not last long.


Fredrik Ekstrand

Consumer-centric and Data-loving product and service creator who’s really enjoys his classic cars and skateboarding.


Midhat Lavić

Guy who likes to be with people with good sense of humor. He likes when things are done on time, because that is reason for celebration!


Edin Čekić

Watch out for Edin... he's a software engineer by day, but a runner-snowboarder-shooter-hiker by night.

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